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Sterling Investigations
remains one of New York and New Jersey’s most trusted TSCM professionals. We have been providing our clients with electronic debugging and other TSCM services for over 25 years. If you decide to hire our services, one of our highly trained technicians will come on site to:

  1. Locate hidden technical surveillance devices, which include transmitters, voice recorders, and hidden cameras. This is commonly referred to as an electronic debugging, or a bug sweep.
  2. Determine any security hazards or technical security weaknesses in the surveyed facility.

Information theft is a growing threat, especially in the high stakes corporate world. The rapid development of electronic devices has decreased the size of bugs, while at the same time increased their capabilities. While TSCM techniques have kept pace with the technology, one must call upon a professional like Sterling Investigations in order to effectively countermeasure such an advanced threat. Our licensed and trained staff use state-of-the-art equipment and expert physical search techniques to provide our clients with a thorough TSCM survey that will give them peace of mind. Our TSCM inspection can be performed at your home, place of business, or vehicle (boats and planes included). We also have equipment to scan your cellular phone for bugs.

Am I Potential Target?

How do you determine if you are potential target? Ask yourself this question: “If someone could hear or see what I am saying or doing right now, would they or their company stand to benefit significantly?” If the answer to that question is YES, then you may want to consider picking up the phone and calling Sterling Investigations at 212-980-1050 to schedule a bug sweep. You can also e-mail us at info@ajsterling.com.

TSCM 101

What exactly is TSCM?

The United States Department of Defense defines a TSCM survey as “a service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of technical surveillance devices and hazards and to identify technical security weaknesses that could aid in the conduct of a technical penetration of the surveyed facility”. A technical surveillance device, or “bug”, is the primary tool of an information thief. The most common type of bug is a miniature transmitter, which transmits live video, voice, or data information through modulated radio waves. Aside from transmitters, bugs also come in the form of miniature recorders, which are more difficult to detect than transmitters and have the ability to record up to one-thousand hours.

Who is most likely to be targeted?

Our electronic debugging cases range from political and corporate espionage to spousal snooping. Our clients include company executives, politicians, hedge fund managers, scientists, and scorned spouses. As you can imagine there are countless situations where someone may need a bug sweep or some other TSCM service performed. However some people are more likely to be targeted based on their occupation, or the personal situation they are currently in. Below is a list of “high threat targets”:


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